APSC question paper for optional subject [ Mains]

APSC question paper for optional subject [ Mains]: APSC syllabus is out for the season. And now students rely on question papers. APSC has 28 optional Subjects to choose form. It is easy to get question paper for G.S paper or  aptitude paper. But many struggle for optional question paper. Our team has brought APSC question paper for all optional subjects. Its consists subjects like Botany, Zoology, Assamese, Political Science, Geography, Education, Sociology etc.


The list of Subjects for APSC Mains

Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Science
Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Indian History
Mechanical Engineering
Computer Science
Electrical Engineering
Medical Science
Political Science

Agriculture subject for APSC

Agriculture is becoming a popular subject in Assam. And so many students tends for APSC exam. Topics that general comes here are Essential plant nutrients and other beneficial elements in soils and plants. Principles of soil fertility, soil testing and fertilizer recommendations, integrated nutrient management. There are other topics for APSC Agriculture. Look at the syllabus for more information.


Anthropology subject for APSC

Anthropology is an underacted subject. But there a great deal of scope. Because of the competition of students become very less. Here topics like Evolutionary Trend and Primate Taxonomy, Social Anthropology, Biological Anthropology,Meaning, Scope and relevance. You can download the syllabus for APSC also.

Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Science subject for APSC

Its a part of Animal Science and doctors of Animals. Here topics are very distinct because of its doctors specially. Conversions and fodder, Poultry nutrition, Swine Nutrition, Creep, starter, Grower and finisher rations.The best thing is that it has  a low competation rate. So if you think you have the knowledge then you can choose this subject. Download question paper for Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Science.

Botany subject for APSC

Botany is a very popular subject is the world of science. And in Assam people go for Botany very often. You can download question paper for Botany for APSC exam. Here topics like plant physiology, Structure of reproduction, Cryptogams, Algae, Fungi Classification Gymnosperms.

Chemical Engineering subject for APSC

Its very similar to chemistry. But more towards the world of Applied Chemistry.  Here topics like Gas, States of gasses, Equilibrium, Equation of real gas, Application of chemistry in industrial  chemistry. And many other topics are involved. These subjects are taken more so you will find a lower level of competition.

Civil Engineering subject for APSC

Here topics like theory of simple bending, Shear Stress distribution across cross sections, Beams of uniform strength.Bio fertilizers, are involved. There is a vast syllabus for this. But now things i that very few or many time no one apply for this subjects. Because of lack of concepts. You can download the question paper for this optional subjects.

Chemistry subject for APSC

Chemistry is a very popular subjects in Assam. And many students go for these subjects. But in APSC students tend to to not go for chemistry. Here topics like Equilibrium, Equation of gas, Organic Chemistry are involved. If you have a core concept of this subject than go for this subject.

Commerce subject for APSC

Commerce involves of lots of subjects. Now subjects like accountancy, finance are involved. There are very much deep subjects into commerce. Because commerce is a great subjects and its has many subjects under it. Now you can download the question paper for this subject. But make sure that if you have a deep knowledge than only go to take this subjects.

Indian History subject for APSC

Topics like Salient features of Literature, Art Forms, and Architecture from ancient to modern times. Modern Indian Significant events, personalities and issues during the middle of the eighteenth century until the present are involved. Now history a very popular subject is APSC exam. It one of the best optional subject in the world.

Law subject for APSC

Law is a medium type of subjects in the world of APSC. Many students go for it. If you have love for Law then you can take this subject. This is very interesting for any one. Topics like Distribution of legal power, Relationship between fundamental rights, Governor and his power.

Mechanical Engineering subject for APSC

Here topics like Theory of machines, Engineering material, mechanics of rigid bodies, mechanics of formable bodies,engines and steam engines. This subjects are often not taken. And i think that this subjects have different value. As commutation on this subjects become very easy.

Physics subject for APSC

Students usually don’t take this subjects. Physics is a very popular subject. But so its become less competitive in these subjects. Topics like carnot law, newtons law, gauss law are involved here.

Psychology subject for APSC

Here topics like method of Psychology, Research of Psychology, Development and human behavior,sensation, attestation and perception. There are lots of topics. You can question paper for this subject.

Statistics subject for APSC

Usually students don’t take statistics in APSC. But those who take has a good result. Now the thing is that very few students take the subjects so the subjects become very less competitive but tough in nature. Download question paper for statistics for APSC.

Computer Science subject for APSC

Computer Science is a very rare subject to be taken in any PSU exams. Now if have knowledge in Computer science then you can go. But its not like other subjects that you will study after choosing. But you need have good concept than only you can choose the subjects.

Economics subject for APSC

Economics is a very popular subjects. Subjects like micro processor, macro processor, Money banking finance, International economics, Growth and development, Indian economics, Indian after economics and New economics  reforms.

Education subject for APSC

Here topics like education, types of education, ways of education and types of topics are involved. New topics are involved here. That you can choose this subject for APSC.

Electrical Engineering subject for APSC

Here topics like Organic Chemistry are involved. If you have a core concept of this subject than go for this subject. Mechanics of rigid bodies, mechanics of formable bodies. You can download the PDF for free.

Electronics subject for APSC

This is rare subjects to take in APSC. But has less competitive subjects and can be done. You can go for this subjects if you have good concepts.

Fisheries subject for APSC

Download the whole question paper here. Also get the full syllabus. Its involves topics like fisheries science etc.

Geography subject for APSC

Its a very popular subject and you can take this subjects. It will help you in G.S paper also. Its will be a a good strategy for you.

Geology subject for APSC

Its a rare subject to take. So you will have low level of competition. But You find hard for study material and couching like things.

Mathematics subject for APSC

Its not taken by more people. But you need to have good level of knowledge here. But competition is low here. But you will find hard for study material.

Medical Science subject for APSC

It is taken by not many students but comparatively students with good knowledge will have good change with low competition.APSC question paper for optional subject.

Philosophy subject for APSC

Here different topics are involved. But not many students take this subject.But competition is low here. But you will find hard for study material.APSC question paper for optional subject.

Political Science subject for APSC

Its a very popular subjects in any PSC exam. And you will find study material very easily. Now you will have the benefit of equally studying for the G.S paper.

Sociology subject for APSC

Its recently is a very popular subject. But it becomes easy to find study material. So you can go for this subject.

Zoology subject for APSC

Its not taken by many. But about10 percent student some time takes it to the highest. We provide study material here. If you want the study materiel then please comment.

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