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Assam Police Jail Warder Question paper Download : All Previous Year Question Papers

Assam Police Jail Warder Question paper Download : All Previous Year Question Papers:Its a great news for the aspirants as news recruitment has arrived. And many people are now willing to have question papers. Its hard to find the question papers. But our team have found all sample papers. Also the exam papers are available. Here we will guide you how to download the question papers and get it.


How to download All Previous Year Question Papers- Assam Police Jail Warder

Downloading this question paper is very easy. Just go to the tap down below and click at the question paper you want. There are different question papers.Download the question papers free. And the question papers will be in pdf form. This is  great opportunity for those who are wanting to get the job. This is a Assam government job.

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Exam Papers Download Free

Download Assam police Jai Warden question paper. Get exam papers, sample papers, previous year questiona papers and more. For more query please question us.

Some rules of the examination are as follows

1.There are 50 questions and each question carries 2 (two) marks.

2.There is negative marking. 1 (one) mark will be deducted for each wrong answer.

3.On the Question Booklet, there is a small box on the top left corner where a letter showing series of the Question Booklet is written. Write that letter on the empty box provided on your OMR answer Sheet(Question Booklet Series)and fill the corresponding circle properly and carefully-on the OMR Answer Sheet.

4.Write your 12 digits Roll Number on the OMR sheet in the boxes and fill the corresponding circles properly and carefully on the OMR Answer Sheet.

5.OMR ID is available in the OMR answer sheet and Question Booklet ID is available in the Question Booklet. You will have to write down the OMR ID and Question Booklet ID on the attendance sheet.

6.You have to use only BLACK BALL POINT PEN to write particulars on the OMR Answer Sheet and for darkening the circles of responses. Use of pencil or any other means is strictly prohibited.

7.You should submit Question Booklet along-with First Copy of OMR sheet to the invigilator or else your answer sheet will not be examined. Second copy of OMR can be taken by the candidate.

8.Use of Calculators, Mobile phones, Bluetooth device, Smart Watch, headphone and any other kind of electronic device is strictly prohibited inside the Exam Center. If found, his / her candidature will be cancelled and criminal action may be initiated.

9.Barometric data of each candidate will be recorded before entering the Exam Center.

10.In case of any difference in English and Assamese Version of a question, the English Version will betaken as correct


Download  Assam Police Jail Warder Question paper Download

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