Best 5 Books for SSC Stenographer 2020(ssc stenographer ki book c&d hindi me)

Best 5 Books for SSC Stenographer 2020(ssc stenographer ki book c&d hindi me):SSC Stenographer 2020 is going happen in the month of may and then in the month of December. There is a handful of opportunity. SSC Stenographer has two levels one C and other is D. There are different books in the market. As there two phases. The first phase is written and it has 2 hours and three subjects. The second phase is very big. Actually its the main one. Here you stenography skills will be tasted.

List of Books for SSC Stenographer 2020

1. Kiran Publications Chapter wise previous year solved question papers for General Intelligence and reasoning.

Best 5 Books for SSC Stenographer 2020(ssc stenographer ki book c&d hindi me)

This is the best book for Reasoning. Here you will have different types of question. You need not to do all questions. You just have to do 10 questions from each types of questions from each chapter. For example-in the chapter decoding you have 4 types of question. So you will be given about 80 to 200 question for each types you just make sure that do 10 question from each part. Then repeat this process from each chapter. And i will sure you that there will no question that will come in the exam.

2. SP BAKSHIS Objective English by Arihant Publication.


This book covers all grammar part for English language. Now English language has 100 marks so your weight age should be high. Now the synonyms and antonyms pat should be done in a  way that our team has written. Please read this article.

3. Lucent GK

This is one of the best GK book in the market. Now static part of G.K will be covered in this book. And there will almost all questions be coming from this book. But GK is the most tough part in the SSC . Sometime it shock the students.

4. The Free one

This is free book published by our team. This is for current affairs. Now SSC GK has both Static and current affairs. There are lots of current affairs available in the market. But they either don’t cover all the syllabus or they give more than what you need and waste time. We will do something that will save your time.

To get the book you need to registrar and free account in our site. Its totally free. All the item that you will get are free please registrar to get the free book.

ssc stenographer ki book c&d hindi me has certainly has an answer. And we will try to give best of it.

5. SSC Stenographer (Grade ‘C’ & ‘D’) Guide 2020 Paperback by Arihant Publication

 This book in an important book. If you even don’t have the money to buy this book then also get a free previous year question paper booklet. Its free on our site. Now How will this help you? Actually in SSC its about speed. The above books will give you the required knowledge. Practicing this book or previous year question papers will give you speed.


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