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Gauhati University MA History entrance exam Question Paper 2020

Gauhati University MA History entrance exam Question Paper : Gauhati University Entrance has started recently and it been a lot of confusion since then. Gauhati University M.A history entrance exam question paper. Now as Gauhati University entrance exam is not that old so it become less predicated to come the questions. Our team has brought the previous year question paper and latest sample question paper for the exam.


Gauhati University M.A History Entrance Question paper

We has collocated question papers from last few years. History is subject consists of lots of topics from Indian history to World History. Topics like

i) Advent of the Mughals and struggle for existence.
ii) Consolidation and territorial expansion: Akbar, Jahangir, Shahjahan, Aurangzeb.
iii) Mughal Administration and Institutions- Administrative structure, Land- Revenue system, Mansabdary system, Zamindari and Jaigirdari systems.

Becomes very important. Now Previous year question papers a quite relevant. But we have made sample question paper which is quite great. It is made to test you ability to test you knowledge and speed.

Download Gauhati University Entrance Question paper

Here you can Download Gauhati University question paper for Entrance exam by G.U. GU entrance exam is great. G.U entrance exam is expected to be held in the month of June. But the preparation should be started now. The syllabus and the study material is given by our team. Study material Gauhati University Entrance exam is already given by our team.

Question paperDownload
History FOR  M.ADownload
History FOR  M.ADownload
History FOR  M.ADownload
History FOR  M.ADownload
History FOR  M.ADownload
History FOR  M.ADownload

Previously asked questions for MA History entrance exam in Gauhati University

Some Frequently Asked Questions

What is the syllabus for M.A entrance exam in History under Guwahati University? Where can I get previous year question papers?

Answer- The syllabus for Gauhati University M.A entrance is India under the Turko-Afghans,History of Assam (5th Century A. D. to 1228),India under the East India Company,History of Science and Technology in Pre-Colonial India,History of Great Britain (1485-1820),History of China (1839-1949).

The question Paper can found here. we have given the list of the question paper that could be given.


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