Which advanced maths book is best for the SSC CGL? [3 BEST]

Which advanced maths book is best for the SSC CGL?: To be honest there are lots of book. And there are actually very good books. Now god is a comparative word. And so it varies from person to person. So the book that might be good for you does not mean that it will be good for everyone. So according to some analysis we have divided four type of people and four books have been listed. SSC CGL is all about speed and accuracy. Many say its about concept, yes concept is required. But if you lack speed than your concept in SSC CGL. You need to have good balance of concept, speed and accuracy.

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Best Advance math book for SSC CGL

Kiran Publications Chapter wise previous year question paper

This book has been the best book for SSC CGL. Does not matter that its the high level or the low level. This has some thing that many books for government exams related book lack. That is all types of question based on what previously has come. You will have certain types of question in this book and if finish all these types. I don’t think there will be any question out side of these.

Play with Advanced Maths By Abhinay Publication

This is a book by Abhinay sir. In case if you don’t know him. Just types Abhinay Sharma. You will find 100’s of free video lectures. Now by the way he don’t tech for free. If you want to learn from him then you need to have a SSC subscription on Academy. Now this book is a complete detail math. Just look at sir’s class and you can understand the level of book this will be.

Quantitative Aptitude by RS Agarawal

This is premium book for any government exam. This book is one of the best for any SSC exam. Now SSC has different question and cover all of them. One drawback of this book is that, this book contain a lot of question. It feels like more than the limit. It has a really huge collection of questions. Now this book can be used for UPSC,Railway exams and government exams.


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